Scope of work:

  • Routinely monitor the implementation and maintenance of the H&S management system with respect to field level compliance at all working and planned construction sites with local statutory and corporate requirements through support within the H&S organization, processes, procedures and tools.
  • Provide support and guidance to field personnel to achieve total regulatory compliance in all facets of construction.
  • Periodically monitor the functionality and overall quality of the site Emergency Response function is at all site levels, including the periodic observation and monitoring of site drills to evaluate Emergency Management Capability and document actions in an actual response. Mitigating actions, where identified, must be assigned to key individuals and tracked to completion.
  • Monitor H&S performance at all construction sites to ensure consistency and continuity. Identify gaps and identify effective solutions for mitigating these. These solutions must be communicated to and coordinated with construction site workforce, including contractors.
  • Assist the Project Health and Safety Manager with execution of the H&S training program at the site level, as well as the office when required to do so.

Periodically review Site Medical Services (clinic, vehicles, personnel, equipment and supplies) for overall capability, completeness, compliance and functionality.

  • As required, assist the Health and Safety Manager with reviewing tender packages and bid submissions for appropriate H&S requirements / specifications.
  • Participate in site Risk Assessments, as warranted and ensure that all mitigation measures are fully implemented.
  • Assist in the compliance assessment and completion of Federal and Provincial OHS orders, issuances and variance applications, as warranted/required.
  • Assist with presenting H&S orientation programs for all staff, consultants, and contractors working at the Office, as required.
  • Provide input into contractor’s construction safety execution plans, health and safety management systems, emergency response plans and safe work practices.
  • Periodically review H&S performance metrics, as well as trending analyses, including all leading and lagging indicators to ascertain key focus areas for achievement of safety performance excellence.
  • Review Health and Safety reporting from the site for completeness and to maintain a current awareness of site activities and issues.
  • Assist the Health and Safety Manager with the development and/or delivery of in-house Health and Safety Presentations as and when warranted/required.
  • Assist with the conduct of a formal incident investigation / root cause analysis, as required. Review incident investigation reports for accuracy and completeness.
  • Assist the Health and Safety Manager to further a pro-active safety culture within the Torbay Road Office.
  • Ensure any and all Lessons Learned are captured and reflected in ongoing work as appropriate in order to deliver upon the continuous improvement mindset.
  • Conduct periodic audits of the project and Contractor work activities at the various construction site to ensure overall compliance with the H&S management system (policies, standards, safe work practices and safe work procedures) and issue formal audit reports. Communicate any significant issues pertaining to Health and Safety to the Project Health and Safety Manager.

Educational Requirements:

  • University graduation with a Bachelor degree in a Science or Engineering related discipline, supplemented by additional training in Health and Safety Management, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Certified Auditor training in ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 or ISO 18001 are desirable.
  • CRSP, CSP or equivalent designation is an asset.

Work Experience:

  • Minimum of 7 to 10 years experience developing, implementing Health and Safety programs for significant construction projects.
  • Significant experience with contractors, in particular those involved in the construction of mega projects.
  • Candidate should have loss prevention experience and working knowledge in areas such as: process safety management, safety management system development and implementation, incident/injury prevention, safety in plant designs, hazard identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, consequence modeling, safe operating procedures and standards, behavioral safety programs, and incident investigation.
  • Experience working with contractors to ensure their health and Safety Systems Application meets or exceeds client’s minimum requirements.
  • Proficient in conducting H&S Management System Auditing.
  • Detailed knowledge of Health and Safety Regulatory Requirements and Construction Industry Best Practices.
  • Competent in conducting and/or supporting risk assessments on site.