Oil Gas Safety Council (OGSC) is a Singapore-based nonprofit organization which aims to provide a network for professionals and industries involved in the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) or Occupation Safety and Health (OSH) field catering to the oil, gas and construction industries.
OGSC develops syllabuses for its qualifications and sets methods of assessment, such as examinations and practical coursework. Courses are delivered by OGSC accredited course providers.[1]
Goals of Oil Gas Safety Council OGSC
Since 2011, the coalition claims to have been considerably involved as a leading instigator in activities that uphold and advance safe, effective and ethical practices for the world’s oil, gas, marine, petrochemical and construction industries. It also acts as a platform for network development, integration and support by offering workshops, symposiums and educational courses for it’s partners and constituents.
Structure of Oil Gas Safety Council OGSC
OGSC has key members who review, assess, guide and acknowledge safety professionals and leaders in the industry. The Executive Board is headed by a Chairman, supported by the Secretary and it members to promote the Council’s Vision around the world.
As of September 2015, they currently have about 1000 associates from the Middle East, to Africa, Canada and beyond supporting their projects on network development & safety practices.