OPITO is an educational and training organisation in the oil and gas sector, which develops industry standards.[citation needed]
History OPITO

The Petroleum Industry Training Board (PITB) was established in 1977 by the government . PITB split in 1982, with the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Board (OPITB) established to focus on the upstream industry.
In 1991, the UK Government created a number of National Training Organisations (NTOs), each focusing on a specific sector – OPITB then become OPITO, responsible for oil and gas extraction. The Upstream Oil and Gas Technician Training Scheme was created in 1999. For the past 15 years OPITO has managed the scheme alongside the ECITB and in association with Oil & Gas UK and the OCA, as well as sponsoring oil and gas companies.
Originally headquartered near Aberdeen, in 2009, the Oil and Gas Skills body opened offices in Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Houston. OPITO is active in over 40 countries; they have offices in Aberdeen and Hethel in the UK; Nicosia, Cyprus; Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Houston.
In 2014, OPITO launched National Oil and Gas Skills Week, with science, engineering and maths events, specialist workshops and career sessions.
Function of OPITO
OPITO Industry Standards and Approvals
OPITO sets industry standards in emergency response, industry training and competence. Standards are developed by oil and gas work groups, made up of industry representatives, training providers and trade associations. Training standards are reviewed by OPITO and industry partners.
Workforce development
Since 1999, OPITO have helped develop the Upstream Oil and Gas Technician Training Scheme. The apprenticeship provides a 21-month full-time college stage, and two years of on-the-job training with a sponsoring UK-based oil and gas company.
OPITO provides open learning courses to the industry. Petroleum Open Learning courses are used in over 45 countries.OPITO also have an e-LEARNING programme – “Introduction to Oil and Gas”.

OPITO is an educational and training organisation in the oil and gas sector, which develops industry standards.