FPSO & OIL RIG SAFETY ASSESSOR COURSE Conducted by Simply Safety Pte Ltd- www.simplysafety.com.sg

Who is it for?
This course is relevant to companies dealing with FPSOs, Oil Rigs, and Shipyards.

We particularly welcome:
Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Professionals and Safety Professionals who are involved in FPSO and Oil Rig Projects (Construction and Commissioning)

This course has been awarded 16SDU Points by Singapore Institute of Safety Officers (SISO)
Aim of the Course

Working on FPSOs, Oil Rigs and Shipyards present in itself a whole different level of safety hazards and risks due to the unique environment. This introductory course will provide participants with knowledge and skills to assess and mitigate risks to create a safer, more productive worksite.
Learning Objectives

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:
Understand local legislations, regulations, standards
Understand duties of an FPSO and Oil Rig Safety Assessor and good practices
Understand Risk Assessment and mitigation
Understand competence and authorization requirements
Develop and comply with safe systems of work
Course Content

Module Description
1 Introduction to Class and Explanation of Learning Triangle
2 Types of Vessels (Offshore)
3 Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry
4 Decision to Invest, Selection of Yards, Construction, Commissioning and Decommissioning Activities
6 Rig Builds and Platforms
7 Understanding FPSO Risk Management
8 Audit and Reviews for FPSO/Oil Rig Projects

The modules will be spread over 2 whole-day sessions or 4 night sessions.

Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance from Oil Gas Safety Council.

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